La Llama, meaning ‘the flame’ in Spanish, creates unique clothes designed to fit the fiery.



Designer and founder, Lydia Cooper, has been making bespoke evening-wear since the age of 16. She takes inspiration from the hedonism of the 60s and 70s to reimagine vintage styles and design unique garments that are fun yet elegant, statement yet wearable. She wanted to start La Llama to build a brand that catered to the modern woman in a more modern way. We aim to make creative and beautiful fashion more accessible without compromising on standards. We don’t show our collections seasons ahead but sell directly to you when you’d want it so we can afford to bring high quality products that are made in the UK at the prices we do. 


A ‘flame’ does not take herself too seriously but others do. She is as focused on her work as she is on having a good time. We know this woman does not want to be dictated to by fashion or trends, and wants new clothes that fit into her personal brand of style as well as be practical for her lifestyle. Our reversible coats can completely transform an outfit from day to night, the office to the bar, or formal to friends by simply turning it inside out. We understand these women come in many forms and no two are the same or want to look the same either, which is why we also offer a bespoke service to accommodate your particular requirements for your two looks.  You may want two of the most brightly coloured prints or two of the more toned down options or the ultimate contrast of both. Drop us a line to info@la-llama.com if so.


Having began her journey by making bespoke, made-to-measure outfits, Lydia understands the importance of good fit. We know that it can be impossible to find a consistent size that works for you and standard sizing will never cater to everyone when each body is unique. As an online brand we appreciate this is even more difficult so we try to offer as much information about the fit as possible to get it right for you. We also offer extra tailoring services and will make up any of our trousers to your exact leg measurements. If you have any questions or want even more specific adjustments never hesitate to get in contact and we will see what we can do. 


We are acutely aware of the negative impact fashion is having on the world. We are constantly striving towards making our brand as sustainable as possible within our limited resources as a small business, functioning in an industry that is clouded by opaque supply chains and dictated by economies of scale that suit the big fish. 

Lydia has painted the prints for all our printed faux suede which is printed in the UK and our collections are made here too and although it costs us more, we can guarantee the quality of the final product as well as the standards under which it is made. La Llama prides itself on a transparent production system that celebrates the craftsmanship in British production. We believe in flexible work opportunities for women and hope in the future to realise our goal of setting up a social enterprise from reinvested profits.


In November 2016, Lydia went with her friend to a refugee camp in Dunkirk, to volunteer in distributing supplies and help out at the Women’s Centre there by also putting on sewing and craft activities for the women and children. Tragically, this camp was burned to the ground on 11th April 2017. 

Whilst there, Lydia was moved by the stories of many different families and inspired by the selfless dedication of long term volunteers who had given up their lives to live out there to help with the cause. When distributing supplies, she also noticed that many of the families always asked for more blankets. 

So we wanted to do something to help and even though it may be small, at least its a start. For every one of our coat purchased, we will donate to the charity Care4Calais to provide a winter coat or a care package to help keep refugees warm through the winter months. Care4Calais provides refugees in Northern France and other areas vital support, aid and care. To find out more about the charity please click on this link